Tales I Tell My Mother
Anthology of stories with Sara Maitland, Zoe Fairbairns, Michele Roberts and Valerie Miner. (Journeyman Press, 1978)

Guests in the Body
Own first short story collection. (Virago, 1986)

‘Michelene Wandor’s achievement is that difficult one of movement within the compass of a short story…the sentiment is true and honest. Further, it is played off against a clear-eyed and pitiless Jewish humour. Without trickery, Michelene Wandor has something real to say and the spirit to say it brilliantly.’
– Books and Bookmen, 1986

‘Careful and highly polished.’
– The Times, 1986

‘Wandor is an accomplished writer, with a sharp ear for dialogue and rhythm.’
– The Listener, 1986

‘Wandor captures Yiddish rhythms and interlaces them with sardonic Jewish jokes.’
– Julia Pascal, Jewish Chronicle, 1986

‘Certain trends in the arts are generally acknowledged as being ahead of their time, and never was this more true than in the relationship of Jewish feminist literature to the movement out of which it sprang, and which it has now superceded. Michelene Wandor has once again produced a work that thumbs its nose at conformity.’
– Jewish Quarterly, 1986

More Tales I Tell My Mother
Same authors as above, ten years on. (Journeyman Press, 1987)

Arky Types
Epistolary novel, co-written with Sara Maitland. (Methuen, 1987)

Short stories also included in Passion Fruit, ed. Jeanette Winterson (Pandora Press, 1986); Stepping Out, ed. Ann Oosthuizen (Pandora Press, 1986); Close Company, eds. Christine Park and Caroline Heaton (Virago, 1987); Storia, ed. Kate Figes (Pandora Press, 1988, 1989)

Many short stories also commissioned by BBC Radio.

False Relations
Collection of short stories. (Five Leaves, 2004)

‘The Idea’, in For Generations: Jewish Motherhood, eds Mandy Ross and Ronne Randall (Five Leaves, 2005)

Four Times EightyOne
Bespoke stories.
(Fortnightly Review, 2021)