Sink Songs
Five short duologues. (Playbooks, 1975)

Strike While the Iron is Hot
Editor and contributor to anthology of plays about sexual politics, from Red Ladder, the Women’s Theatre Group and Gay Sweatshop. Own play, Care and Control, about women and custody. (Journeyman Press, 1980)

Play Nine
ed. Robin Rook. Collection of plays, including work by John Bowen, Howard Brenton, David Cregan, Frank Marcus. Own plays Mal de Mere and Spilt Milk. (Edward Arnold, 1981)

Five Plays
To Die Among Friends
Whores D’Oeuvres
The Old Wives’ Tale
AID Thy Neighbour.
(Journeyman Press, 1984)

Plays by Women, Vols 1-4 (editor)
Vol 1 (Methuen, 1982): Plays by Caryl Churchill, Pam Gems, Louise Page, and own play, Aurora Leigh, after Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Vol 2 (l983): Plays by Maureen Duffy, Olwen Wymark, Rose Leiman Goldemberg, Claire Luckham.
Vol 3 (l984): Plays by Debbie Horsfield, Pam Gems, Sharon Pollock, Women’s Theatre Group and Lou Wakefield.
Vol 4 (l985): Plays by Caryl Churchill, Grace Dayley, Liz Lochhead, Alison Lyssa


The Wandering Jew
Dramatisation of Eugene Sue’s epic nineteenth-century novel. (Methuen, 1987)

Surreal play about surrogacy. (Playbooks, 1988)